Twin Screw Supercharger for the Porsche 928 32v Engine.

Perfex Manufacturing has developed and perfected many items needed to properly install a twin screw supercharger on the Porsche 928 32v engine. All of the products are designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind. The key ingredient of the twin screw installation is the 3 piece intake manifold assembly. This unique design allows for quick removal of the supercharger should that become necessary.

The manifold also provides for the maximum amount of space in the engine "v" to accomodate the water to air inter cooler core. Thanks to the efforts of the Porsche 928 community, this unit is a refinement of several types in use already. One signifigant change is the use of O-rings at the ports to allow improved sealing at the highest possible boost levels. All needed mounting points are pre drilled and tapped where required, and the manifold is designed for a true drop in installation.

A minor but critical item in the installation is the oil filler block off plate, required to provide clearance for the supercharger drive snout. This plate is provided in 'blank' form so that the installer may machine it as needed for their particular application.


Other small but significant items include the supercharger snout support and drive bearing plate. This item allows the drive belt to be easily adjusted for tension, as well as proper location of the upper pulleys. Although the intercooler radiator is not made in house by Perfex Manufacturing, it has been specified to fit just forward of the radiator location with no additional modifications to the vehicle body. Special brackets support both the intercooler and the radiator from the OE mounting points.

As with all critical vehicle applications, the twin screw installation has been track tested for function and durability-


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