Cam Adjusting Tools for the Porsche 928 32v Engine

Whether you are replacing the timing belt and water pump in your Porsche 928, or just want to have cam timing perfectly adjusted for optimal performance, the 928 32v Cam adjusting Tools will be a valuable addition to your Porsche toolbox. When the camshaft fastening bolt is loosened you will be wishing for an "extra hand" to make the adjustment while holding the camshaft itself in the proper position.
That is exactly why the Cam Adjusting tools are so valuable during this procedure-  the 12.75 inch long wrenches make it much easier to loosen, adjust and tighten the camshaft hardware. The set includes one each 17mm and 30 mm wrenches, nicely offset to make best use of the tight space.
Porsche 928 LSD Unit Tool
This simple item does only one thing- it holds the Porsche 928 Limited Slip Differential unit securely in place using a standard shop vice. If you've ever serviced the LSD unit, or removed the ring gear for any reason, you will see the beautiful functionality of this tool. Simply clamp the tool in a LARGE shop vice, and the LSD just rests securely in place.
                                                                                     A real time and aggravation saver!
Steering Rack Lock Tool  
A "must have" tool if you are a Porsche 928 owner or you work on them. This tool positively locks the rack and pinion steering shaft in center anytime you are changing front end parts and need to have a known reference during re-assembly or adjusting toe in/toe out at alignment time. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum and made to bottom on the housing and prevent applying excess pressure to rack shaft. Will not damage hard parts if left in by accident.

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