Track tested- Tough parts, from Perfex Manufacturing.

This blazing blue Porsche 928 started out life as a 1985 "S" model, the first US model to receive the 5.0l DOHC 32v V8 engine. Porsche claimed a top speed of 155 mph for the unofficially named "S3" model, but few owners would actually drive their cars at that speed.

This wide body conversion by Perfex Manufacturing sees 150 miles per hour almost every weekend because that's it's job.

Many of the performance parts made for the Porsche 928 by Perfex Mfg were developed on this very car. Company founder, engineer and Porsche enthusiast Ed Standke started out by giving this car the unique wide body treatment you see in these photos. This included hand crafting the rear fender extensions, sectioning the front fenders from original Porsche parts and fabricating a  special wide body splitter and integrated aluminum air dam. The beautiful viper blue paint job serves to showcase the resulting masterpiece!

The EGDS Water Pump is the heart of every Perfex Porsche 928 Project-

Developed and manufactured at Perfex, the EGDS Water Pump is a reliable and inexpensive safety net available to every Porsche 928 engine in service today. Please take a moment to view the test stand procedure, and read about the benefits of the revolutionary water pump safeguard system available today!

Supercharging makes this an Exciting Ride-

Since the 32 valve V8 engine is known to be quite robust and long lasting, why not put it to the test? At Perfex Manufacturing, this means running 10 pounds of boost all day long. Expanding upon the thoughts of others in the Porsche 928 community, Perfex Mfg developed and fabricated all of the items needed to correctly install the Autorotor/Kenne Bell 2.2 liter twinscrew supercharger on the Porsche 928 engine.

One of the key components manufactured in-house is the three piece intake manifold and intercooler chamber. This design incorporates o-ring seals for the intake port mating surfaces, ensuring a positive and long lasting seal at the critical joint to the cylinder head. The water to air intercooler core is locate directly below the supercharger housing and is continuously fed by a Dedenbear WP-3 pumping the coolant mixture to a large heat exchanger directly in front of the radiator. 

Tuning for Boost with Technology by JDS Porsche. Keep it in check with J&S Safeguard.

It would not be possible to boost the Porsche 928 engine and retain the original ECU arrangement without the JDSPorsche SharkTuners for the Porsche 928 in control. The SharkTuner allows advanced control and mapping of fuel and ignition systems as well as data logging several inputs. And, the Shark Tuner supports the use of a WBO2 with a narrow band output. Check out the JDS Porsche website for in depth information and ordering options.

Tuning for maximum power can be risky, as knock or pre-ignition is always a possibility. Another electronic link in the supercharging chain is the SafeGuard Vampire by J&S Electronics. This protects the engine against damage by retarding individual cylinders timing in response to knock signals "heard" by the unit. Please read more at the J&S website.

Eliminating the Weak Link in Power Delivery. Precision Motorwerks Carbon/Carbon Clutch. 

The original Porsche 928 clutch design is known to fail at power levels under 500 bhp. But thanks to Greg Brown at Precision Motorwerks, 928 owners now have a streetable clutch kit available that will withstand up to 800 bhp! The Carbon/Carbon twin disc setup comes complete with a new flywheel and ring gear and Tilton "push" type TO bearing. Developed in cooperation with RPS Performance Clutches the kit requires minor modifications to the bellhousing and "short shaft" for an easy installation.

928 Super Bearing by Black Sea R&D keeps the Torque Tube under control.

The Porsche 928 and other vehicles with rear mounted transaxles often employ a torque tube to link the engine and the transmission as a single unit. This eliminates vibration and noise, but can become a wear item as time passes and power increases. The Black Sea R&D 928 Super Bearings solve several problems in this area. By supporting the drive shaft more evenly and eliminating the trouble prone factory vibration damper, this modification improves power transfer and increase peace of mind in high power installations.

Big Speed calls for Big Stopping Power-

Conventional wisdom said that there was no easy way to convert to big front brakes on the Porsche 928 S models. While it is possible to swap the suspension and spindles from the newer GTS or S4 models, this is time consuming and costly. Additionally, the critical front end alignment would be lost and have to be set all over again.

Ed at Perfex Manufacturing said "Yes" there is an easier way! 

Installing the Perfex Big Brake Kit for S Models is simple and allows the big Brembo calipers from an S4 or GTS to be used as a direct bolt-on.The caliper bracket or bridge bolts directly on to the Porsche 928 S front spindle and mounts your big brakes in a snap-centering rings included with the kit allow the use of off the shelf Porsche Cayenne 330 mm front rotors. American ingenuity makes the conversion quick and economical. 

Putting CCW Wheels to the test-

Safety is always a primary concern, and a number one priority for Perfex Mfg. track testing. To ensure the lightest possible unsprung weight, along with the very large width required, Ed turned to CCW Wheels for two sets of custom made Classic style 3 piece wheels. Running 18"x12" and 18"x13" is only possible because of the wide body kit on this unique car.

Quick, Controllable- Add Comfortable to the List.

A large part of control in a racing car is a comfortable seating position. And the Porsche 928 has a very tight interior and short headroom for most American drivers. the solution is a Kirkey Series 47 Intermediate Road Race seat. This stiff, lightweight and low profile seat provides excellent support and safety in any driving situation. And the slim profile gains a lot of important headroom in this application.


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