A section devoted to Automobile Racing in general, as well as the Perfex Mfg racing efforts.

Perfex Mfg employs racing track time to test and develop new products for the enthusiast market.

Track testing has ensured the development of the Porsche 928 Twin Screw Supercharger kit, including the 3 piece intake manifold, water to air intercooler, water circulation system and custom engine wiring harness. Associated items include the modified fuel rails and upgraded injectors and pump.

Perfex Mfg track tests many of their custom made parts, including thePorsche 928 S Splitter kit and the S Model Big Brake bracket set. Each product is treated to much harsher conditions than most vehicles will ever encounter to prove the design and durability of each item.

Ride around Watkins Glen in the Blue Twin Screw Supercharged Porsche 928-



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