"New" Porsche 928 Rumor Time-

It is bound to happen that Porsche will come to their senses and let their designers nip and tuck the Panamera into a truly beautiful 2 door coupe. The original Porsche 928 enthusiasts have been hoping for this development for years, and Porsche could use a modern sports car with the engine in the proper location. So unless Aston Martin goes rear-engined on us- I believe that now may be the time for the Porsche 928 to rise again!

image courtesy TopSpeed

Porsche 928 News

On this page you will find information regarding the venerable Porsche 928 in all its variations. The 928 was produced in limited numbers from 1978 until 1995 with total worldwide production totaling just under 61,000 units.
The Porsche 928 was a ground breaking design in many ways, including the first use of a front mounted, water cooled V-8 engine in any Porsche automobile. The body made extensive use of aluminum in its construction- almost unheard of in its day, but now common-place as a weight savings strategy on many modern vehicles.


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