Bystar Laser Cutting Machine by Bystronic-

The heart of the Perfex Manufacturing operation is the Bystronic Bystar laser cutting machine. This sizeable machine takes up a good deal of floor space with the automated shuttle table feeding from one end. The laser cutter is surrounded by supporting devices including multi-stage cooling systems and massive high voltage power supplies. 

The advantages of cutting materials with the Bystar laser include improved precision with little, if any finish work required. The laser will cut irregular shapes and perfect "drilled" holes with equal precision and speed. The laser is capable of cutting materials up to 3/4" in thickness and delicate items such as shim stock.

This type of machine cannot replace the traditional press brakes and mills needed for a successful manufacturing operation, but the speed and precision of the Bystronic Bystar laser cutting system is a perfect complement to efficiently produce a precision product for today's cost concious customers.

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