Track Day at VIR this November 16th and 17th with the Carolinas Region PCA-

Come on down toVirginia International Raceway for the two day event and meet the Perfex Manufacturing crew on their first foray to this track.

This should be a fantastic weekend, and most likely the last track day of the 2012 season, so be sure to mark this event on your calendar.

Thank you to Ernest (ew928) for this Video Tribute to the Wilbraham Tech (with a special surprise)

Wilbraham Tech #8 October 27th 2012

The 8th annual Wilbraham tech session was this weekend, and no Porsche 928 owner could ask for a friendlier group of folks. Dave and his wife are the consumate hosts and this year was no exception with delicious, bountiful food and drink, warm and cozy seating, and of course their dog Portia. With many friends, family and neighbors all in attendence- and of course a field full of amazing Porsche 928s- an excellent time was had by all.

Despite the threats of hurricane Sandy, many interesting cars made the event, including Bob's "new" GT, Tuomo's Khun Twin turbo and a total of almost 30 cars. Naturally, The Perfex crew rolled deep with a total of three cars. Ed brought out the ex- Hanson race car, along with the "street legal" Blue Beast and Michele's track car. The Perfex crew made quite the entrance, after unloading off-site and rumbling on down the quiet country lane leading to the Tass-Mahal.

Thanks to sponsorship by the 928 Owner's Club, every attendee was treated to a nice black coffee (?) mug. There was a steady stream of cars making their way on and off of the two available lifts for the official "laying on of hands" and many repairs and adjustments were made on the spot. Thanks to Ernest for documenting the day's events in a very artistic fashion !

All in all a wonderful event, and some fond memories to carry us through as the hurricane sweeps up the East Coast !

Perfex Manufacturing is a proud Sponsor of Frenzy 16!

Please be sure to check out their site and support the Frenzy-an East Coast Tradition. Happening in Sterling Virginia annually.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway DE Day

See the Blue Twin Screw Supercharged Porsche 928 this weekend, October 20th and 21st. Running with the BMW of Boston group atNew Hampshire Motor Speedway.

Perfex Mfg related events including Porsche 928 product introductions. Announcements of events that the Perfex Mfg crew will be attending or sponsoring.



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