Porsche 928 Supercharger Manifold

Perfex Manufacturing makes many of the parts needed to install a Twin Screw Supercharger by Autorotor on the Porsche 928 32v V-8 engine. Thanks to the hard work of the 928 community as a whole, this application was just waiting for a passionate enthusiast to refine the manifold design-
Ed at Perfex Manufacturing has increased the area available for the intercooler core, while making the assembly lighter and stronger. And, the Perfex design is the first to employ O-ring sealing at the intake ports to allow for increased boost levels and reliability.  
Please take a moment to view the Complete Twin Screw System in our Projects section-

Oil Filler Block off Plate for Supercharger application-

This machined aluminum plate is used to block off the factory oil filler location on Porsche 928 engines with modified crankcase venting and/or supercharging. The part is heavy gage brushed aluminum to resist warping or distortion. You may drill or tap the flat surface for your specific application. The o-ring groove is precision cut and includes the sealing o-ring.

The Oil Filler Block off Plate is $50.00 (shipping Additional) Please click this link for order inquiry

Exhaust Header Flanges for Porsche 928 16v V-8 Engines.

Custom made exhaust flanges can be used to build your own headers or turbo manifolds. Available for the 32v engine as well.
The flanges are precision cut on the Bystronic Bystar laser system from your choice of stainless steel or mild steel-
thickness is 0.375". Sold in pairs.

The Engine Guardian Water Pump Drive System (EGDS)

EGDS was developed for the Porsche 928 32 valve engine because of the need to prevent catastrophic engine damage in the event of a water pump failure. The water pump is driven by the timing belt which also drives the camshafts. If the water pump shaft seized or became difficult to turn this would cause the timing belt to fail and in return cause internal damage to the valve train by way of piston to valve contact. (read more)

The EGDS was developed on the Porsche 928 V-8 engine, but can easily be adapted to any automotive application where a timing belt failure would cause major engine damage (ie interference engines)

The EGDS has been reviewed by some of the finest Porsche 928 engine builders in the country:
"I think that Ed took this all another step and assumed that the majority of water pump failures are caused by the load imposed by the cam belt on the bearing. He has installed a much larger bearing to handle the load of the cam belt and then essentially just uses the stock style water pump bearing to do the job of supporting/turning the impeller. The two bearings are completely independent.
If the failures are indeed due to, or amplified by, the load of the cam belt, this is genius. (Actually the entire idea and application of the idea is brilliant, in itself.)"

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