Automotive Aftermarket Products by Perfex Manufacturing.
Perfex Manufacturing is founded on and driven by the concept that most automobile parts can be engineered for improved performance and durability. Many times the auto maker is forced to compromise due to packaging, expense or other market forces. Automobile enthusiasts as a breed want to improve the function and appeal of their vehicles, and the team at Perfex Manufacturing is no exception.
Perfex Manufacturing is driven by the enthusiast market that continuously strives to increase the performance, efficiency and many times their bragging rights by having the finest components that are available. Ed is a lifelong "car Guy" and has worked around some of the finest vehicles in the East. His passion for excellence and perfection spans all types of vehicles from classic street rods to track driven exotic cars. Ed has been focused for many years on the ground breaking Porsche 928, thought by many to be one of the first true "Super cars" ever made.
One of the most significant products to come out of the Perfex Manufacturing facility is the patented Engine Guardian Drive System for the Porsche 928. The EGDS was created to protect so called "interference engines" from expensive internal damage should the water pump fail. Since the water pump is driven in common by the cam belt, water pump failure in turn causes belt failure which will then create damage to the engine valve train, at the very least. As the water pump is a fairly inexpensive item, and relatively easily replaced, it is common sense insurance to incorporate the EGDS design to protect and lengthen the life of expensive internal engine components.


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